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In very good company with ABBA Music Shack Records proudly presents "Say You Love Me" with the dynamic duo, Emanuel Bagge and Sandra Kassman. You'll find the tune on all major digital platforms. Don't forget to click on the YouTube link below and watch the beautiful video.

"Authentic.Soulful.Music.” That is how founding member Björn Johansson aka Bejohz describes The Sentimental Gents sound. It draws from many music styles, incorporating elements of R&B, Funk, Disco, Soul, Jazz and Classical Music. 

For every individual song Björn tailor made each line up of musicians depending of the vibe and feeling of the track. 

On this track the line-up is consisting of Joe Blandino  (lead and backing vocals), Hans Lindberg (bass guitar), Frans Janousek (keyboards and synthezisers) and Björn Johansson (keyboards and guitars). The song is arranged and produced by Björn Johansson and
Frans Janousek. 

Music and lyrics by Björn Johansson/Jim Lindqwister


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