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mia lexie


Stockholm Friday February 16 - Mia Lexie, the talented singer-songwriter, is excited to announce her latest release "Love," a collaborative project with renowned Swedish producer Björn Johansson, also known as Bejohz.

"Love" is a mesmerizing and heartfelt track that showcases Mia Lexie's exceptional vocal range and Bejohz's signature production style. The song takes listeners on a captivating journey through its lush melodies and emotionally charged lyrics, creating an unforgettable musical experience.

Mia Lexie and Bejohz have poured their creative energies into crafting a song that resonates with audiences on a deep level. Their synergy and artistic vision are evident in every aspect of "Love," making it a standout release in both Mia Lexie's and Bejohz's careers.

"Love" will be available for streaming and download on all major music platforms on [release date]. Fans can also look forward to an accompanying music video that visually complements the song's message and adds another layer of depth to the overall experience.

Mia Lexie and Bejohz are thrilled to share "Love" with the world and believe that its universal themes of love and connection will resonate with listeners from all walks of life. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in both artists' careers and sets the stage for more exciting projects to come.

Mia lexie

need your body / Remiz by janousek

Rising star Mia Lexie is set to take the music scene by storm with the release of her highly anticipated track "Need Your Body" remix, produced by the talented Frans Janousek. The original version of the song was co-written by Mia herself and the renowned songwriter Björn Johansson, also known as Bejohz. This thrilling collaboration showcases Mia's distinctive style and Frans Janousek's unique production skills.

"Need Your Body" is an infectious and captivating track that seamlessly blends elements of pop, R&B, and electronic music. With its catchy hooks, mesmerizing melodies, and Mia's soulful vocals, the song has the power to make listeners move to the rhythm and get lost in its irresistible energy.

This exciting release is available on all major digital platforms starting today, Friday, February 9th. Fans can now stream or download "Need Your Body" remix and experience the magic that Mia Lexie and Frans Janousek have created together.

"Need Your Body" remix is a production from Music Shack Records, a renowned record label known for its commitment to nurturing and promoting exceptional talent. With their support, Mia Lexie's music is poised to reach a wider audience and make a lasting impact in the industry.

Don't miss out on this incredible release! Stream or download "Need Your Body" remix by Mia Lexie and Frans Janousek now on your favorite digital platform.

All instruments by Frans Janousek and Björn Johansson except bass by Maestro Hasse Lindberg.

Mia Lexie

Need your body

Music Shack Records proudly announces the today’s release of “Need Your Body” by the sensational artist Mia Lexie.

Boasting a magnetic blend of captivating melodies and infectious rhythms, “Need Your Body” promises to be a compelling addition to Mia Lexie’s repertoire. This electrifying track is poised to captivate listeners with its innovative sound and alluring lyrics.

Mia Lexie, known for her distinctive style and powerful vocals, has crafted a song that effortlessly blends pop sensibilities with an irresistible energy, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in an unforgettable musical journey.

Prepare to groove and be enthralled by Mia Lexie’s “Need Your Body,” available on all major streaming platforms from today. Get ready to experience a fusion of melody and rhythm that will leave you craving more.

Many thanks  to Frans Janousek that brought me and Mia Lexie together. Also for introducing me to the world of EDM and house music.

On bass Maestro “Magic Fingers” Hans Lindberg.

Mia Lexie

Glorify the World

Singer-songwriter Mia Lexie is set to captivate audiences once again with the release of her highly anticipated single, "Glorify the World." This soulful and powerful track marks a significant milestone in Mia's career, showcasing her artistic evolution and unmatched talent.

"Glorify the World" is a musical journey that transcends genres, blending elements of pop, R&B, and soul into a harmonious masterpiece. Mia's velvety vocals effortlessly glide over the intricate melodies, leaving listeners entranced by her emotive storytelling.

Mia Lexie's lyrical prowess shines brightly in this single, as she delves into themes of self-discovery, empowerment, and embracing the world's complexities. With poetic precision, she explores the dual nature of our existence, urging listeners to celebrate life's highs and lows, and to find beauty in every moment.

"Creating 'Glorify the World' was a deeply personal experience for me," says Mia Lexie. "I wanted to craft a song that not only resonated with my own journey but also inspired others to find their own path of self-discovery and self-acceptance. It's about embracing the world around us, with all its imperfections, and recognizing that every experience, whether joyful or challenging, contributes to our growth."

The song is written by Mia Lexie​, Frans Janousek​ and Björn Johansson.

All instruments by Frans Janousek and Björn Johansson, except electric bass by Maestro Hans Lindberg​.

Produced by Frans Janousek and Björn Johansson

Michael Williams

you were my love

Stockholm – This Friday, October 27th, music enthusiasts around the world are in for a treat as Michael Williams releases his rendition of the timeless 

"You Were My Love." Originally penned by acclaimed songwriters Björn Johansson and Jim Lindqwister, this iconic track is set to once again capture the hearts of fans old and new.

In a remarkable twist of fate, the late Jim Lindqwister, the original lead singer of "You Were My Love," has now passed the torch to the incredibly talented Michael Williams. With his remarkable vocal prowess and emotive interpretation, Williams is poised to breathe new life into this beloved gem from the early 80s.

The song's lyrics, melodic beauty, and heartfelt sentiments have resonated across generations. This revival of "You Were My Love" promises to be a musical journey that transcends time and connects with listeners on a profound level.

The release of "You Were My Love" represents a collaborative effort between the original songwriters, Björn Johansson and Jim Lindqwister, and the remarkable artistry of Michael Williams. The synergy between these talents has given birth to a rendition that stays true to the song's roots while adding a contemporary touch.

Williams, known for his exceptional vocal range and soulful delivery, brings a fresh perspective to the song while preserving the essence that made it an enduring classic. Listeners can expect an emotive and stirring experience that takes them on a nostalgic journey.

Ania GarveY

Beautiful Union

Soul Sensation Ania Garvey Unveils Mesmerizing New Single "Beautiful Union".

Renowned soul singer Ania Garvey, hailing from the US now living in the UK, is set to captivate music lovers worldwide with her latest release, "Beautiful Union." This soulful masterpiece is poised to redefine the genre, showcasing Ania's exceptional talent and undeniable passion for music.

"Beautiful Union" is a testament to Ania Garvey's artistry, featuring her rich, velvety vocals that effortlessly transcend boundaries. The song explores the depths of human connection and celebrates the beauty of coming together in a world that often feels divided. Ania's lyrical prowess shines through as she weaves a narrative of unity and love that is both timely and timeless.

With a blend of classic soul influences and a modern twist, "Beautiful Union" boasts a musical arrangement that is both enchanting and evocative. Ania's emotive delivery and the song's lush instrumentation create an immersive listening experience that resonates with audiences of all ages.

Ania Garvey has already established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the UK music scene, garnering acclaim for her previous releases and live performances. "Beautiful Union" promises to elevate her standing even further, cementing her reputation as a soulful powerhouse.

Speaking about the single, Ania Garvey expressed her excitement, saying, "I believe that music has the power to heal and unite people. 'Beautiful Union' is a song that speaks to the heart, reminding us that love and togetherness can prevail over division. I hope it resonates with listeners and brings joy to their hearts."

Fans of soul music and those seeking a soulful escape from the complexities of the world will find solace in "Beautiful Union." The single is available from Friday October 20 on all major streaming platforms, and Ania Garvey invites music enthusiasts to experience its magic.

Silvia Olari

ONE MORe Night Without you

Music Shack Records recording artist Silvia Olari is following up her critically acclaimed single “Satisfaction” with a new release, “One More Night Without You” on all major digital platforms. The song is written by Björn Johansson and Penelope Björneberg. All instruments by Björn Johansson and Maestro Hans Lindberg. Backing vocals by Silvia Olari and Penelope Björneberg Produced by Björn Johansson.

Michael Williams

To the Moon and Back

Musicshack Records recording artist Michael Williams is following up his critically acclaimed single "All I Need is a Single Word"with a new release, “To the Moon and back” on all major digital platforms. The song is written by Björn Johansson and Penelope Björneberg. All instruments by Björn Johansson except Maestro Hans Lindberg, bass/additional synthesizers and Robin LB, electric guitars.

Produced by Björn Johansson.

Now available on Apple Music and Spotify.

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